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Brand Simplicity

* selling cycles are long — so it should always be clear how and where your marketing activity is contributing to what part of the selling cycle at what time.

Xerox CMO shares strategy behind ReBranding one of the world’s top brands. “Employees are often the face of the organization, so it’s important to enroll your employee population in everything that you do…” John Kennedy, Xerox: “Work Can Work Better“.

What do we mean by simple?

• easy to understand
• transparent and honest
• making customers feel valued
• innovative and fresh
• useful to customers

In a digital world, there are many experiences that brand can simplify…

1. Entertain before you sell!

Consumers use Social Media to:

• 64% finding entertainment
• 53% connecting with friends
• 44% staying up on news
• 31% learning about products
• 12% engaging customer service

2. Get noticed, but don’t disrupt.

YouTube * most disruptive ads
• Yelp * least disruptive ads

3. Explore Social Customer Service:

• 12% of consumers use social for customers service
• 86% of these users resolved their issue through social

In a world where consumers have many choices brand experience is the road to loyalty. Simplicity will get you there faster… 😉

Download Global Brand Simplicity Index 2015 | Siegel+Gale

* simplicity is shared 😉

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