2 zile, un segment nou de piata? Citeste mai mult despre autori: W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne.

Recenzie Blue Ocean Strategy

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“50% of marketing leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy.” Gleanster Research

* de ce? 3 Directori Generali, 1 singur interviu
* analizeaza interviul la finalul articolului… pentru imaginea de ansamblu!

“Based on a study of 150 strategic moves spanning more than a hundred years and thirty industries, Kim & Mauborgne argue that companies can succeed not by battling competitors, but rather by creating ″blue oceans″ of uncontested market space.”

Pentru inceput ti-am selectat cateva materiale usoare pentru a intra in subiect. In consecinta te invit preliminar sa il asculti pe Jean Guibert Cirque du Soleil Brand Manager despre identitatea brandului.

In limita timpului tau este interesant de analizat si opinia despre Yellow Tail a celor de la The Wine Economist:

“There are many places on earth where inexpensive wine can still be produced. Will Yellow Tail consumers care if their wine comes from Chile, South Africa, France or maybe even Romania instead of Australia?

O provocare pentru producatorii de vin?

Ce au in comun aceste pozitionari?

Studiu de caz Cirque du Soleil:

Cirque du Soleil

Studiu de caz Yellow Tail / Casella Wines

Yellow Tail

Reconstruction of the Digital Music » Apple iTunes 2001:


Am selectat trei dintre cele mai mediatizate pozitionari Blue Ocean. Nu vreau sa le aprofundam… doar vreau sa avem un punct de plecare in recenzie.

Yellow Tail:

“What’s more, whereas large wine companies developed strong brands over decades of marketing investment, yellow tail leap-frogged tall competitors with no promotional campaign, mass media, or consumer advertising. It didn’t simply steal sales from competitors; it grew the market. yellow tail brought nonwine drinkers, beer and ready-to-drink cocktail consumers into the wine market.”

Cirque du Soleil:

“Pursuing differentiation and low cost simultaneously lies at the heart of the entertainment experience is created. At the time of its debut, other circuses focused on benchmarking one another and maximizing their share of already shrinking demand by tweaking traditional circus acts.

This included trying to secure more famous clowns and lion tamers, a strategy that raised circuses’ cost structure without substantially altering the circus experience.

The results was rising costs without rising revenues, and a downward spiral of overall circus demand.

These efforts were made irrelevant when Circque de Soleil apeared. By looking across the market boundary of theater, Cirque du Soleil also offered new noncircus factors, such as a story line and, whit it, intellectual richness, artistic music and dance, and multiple productions. These factors, entirelly new creations for the circus industry, are drawn from the alternative live entertainment industry o theater.

Moreover, by injecting the concept of multiple productions and by giving people a reason to come to the circus more frequently, Cirque du Soleil has dramatically increased demand.

Cirque du Soleil gained a new understanding not only of circus customers but also of circus noncustomers, adult theater customers.”

Apple iTunes:

“iTunes broke a key customer annoyance factor: the need to purchase an entire CD when they wanted only one or two songs on it… reconstruction of the Digital Music.”

Ce au in comun?
Generarea unui segment nou de piata?

The Buyer Utility Map:

“Chapter 5 shows how to maximize the size of a blue ocean. To create greatest market of new demand, this chapter challenges the conventional practice of aiming for finer segmentation to beter meet existing customer preferences. This practice often results in increasingly small target markets:

Customers experience

“… helps to get managers thinking from a demand-side perspective.”

Instead, this chapter shows you how to aggregate demand, not by focusing on the difference that separate customers but by building on the powerful commonalities across noncustomers to maximize the size of the blue ocean being created and new demand being unlocked, hence minimizing scale risk.”

Circ vs Teatru?

“It didn’t simply steal sales from competitors; it grew the market. Yellow Tail brought nonwine drinkers, beer and ready-to-drink cocktail consumers into the wine market.”

In continuare vreau doar sa iti furnizez doua exemple concrete. Pentru ca din carti este usor sa citezi…

Iti multumesc pentru faptul ca ai ramas alaturi de mine pana aici si iti sugerez sa pui un bookmark pe aceasta resursa. Are sanse sa iti schimbe radical afacerea, indiferent de segmentul in care activezi.

In ce hotel ti-ai face rezervare daca copilul tau ar fi alergic?

Readu bucuria pe chipul copilului tău!

Imagineaza-ti care este avantajul pentru:

• tine (client / copil alergic)
• hotel vs competitie (camere pentru alergici)
• producator vs competitie?

Mai exista competitie?

Green Future Gama Nanofibra

“Don’t compete with rivals; Make them irrelevant!”
* citat Blue Ocean Strategy

Industrii alternative?

“Cirque du Soleil gained a new understanding not only of circus customers but also of circus noncustomers, adult theater customers.”

Lasa-ma te rog sa iti explic!

In ultimii 5 ani ne-am dezvoltat capabilitatile astfel incat sa putem aborda integrat ciclul de Marketing & Vanzari, de la viziune la implementare / profit:

In industria de Training, desi clientul este constient ca solutiile de Training nu mai functioneaza, procesul de vanzare continua dintr-un automatism as spune sau poate din lipsa alternativei.

Industria de Branding are in mare aceleasi limitari de impact in profitabilitate…

Daca ai o solutie web, as spune chiar ultra profesionala… nu se intampla mai nimic! Sunt convins ca te regasesti in randurile de mai sus!

In consecinta inca de pe acum 5 ani am urmarit sa eliminam aceste inconveniente.

Pentru ca suntem la final te invit sa mergi la inceputul postului si sa accesezi link-ul cu interviul luat clientilor nostri si sa iti construiesti singur propria opinie daca am reusit sau nu.

In acelasi timp, propunerea noastra pentru 2015 este simpla… !

Focus spre implementare, restul este gratuit!

Avem competitie?

Optimizeaza-ti performanta, genereaza nevoia de cumparare in industria pe care o reprezinti:

Optimizare buget marketing & vanzari Trainingul anual al echipei, ReDesign Web & Training Top Management?
Sau ambele variante + ReBranding?
2000, 6000 sau 19.500 euro bonus?

“Stop benchmarking the competition. The more you benchmark your competitors, the more you tend to look like them.

… a strategy that raised circuses’ cost structure without substantially altering the circus experience.” 😉

Daca ti-a placut recenzia, ramai alaturi de noi, urmeaza Marketing 3.0 Philip Kotler.

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