Bulova, 1941 » Prima reclama TV din lume… why you buy it?

Elements of stories and storytelling » Hyundai & Evian

Cat conteaza povestea brandului tau in procesele de marketing?

“Storytelling is the conveying of events in words, and images, often by improvisation or embellishment. Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, and instilling moral values. Crucial elements of stories and storytelling include plot, characters and narrative point of view.

Storytelling predates writing, with the earliest forms of storytelling usually oral combined with gestures and expressions. In addition to being part of religious ritual, rock art may[original research?] have served as a form of storytelling for many ancient cultures.”

Evian Baby & Me 1:

* tinerete fara batranete?

* spotul cel mai vizualizat in 2013 (Youtube)

Care este povestea noastra? Cine esti tu?

Nadia Comaneci Brings Her Perfect 10 to Cannes for Visa and TBWA Agency:

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