Civilizatie & Cultura Cucuteni? “Danube valley civilization script is the oldest writing in the world” Harold Haarman, lingvistul care a descifrat scrierea sumeriana… Blue Ocean Strategy in Romania?

Old Europe » Despre Romania…

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Tehnologia anuleaza barierele… !

Despre procesul de Marketing Strategic al Romaniei

Dupa The Copenhagen Wheel (… this device snaps onto your bike and helps you conserve energy…) & Amazon Prime Air (aplicabilitate drone in logistica) astazi continuam cu structura logica a impactului tehnologiei in business development.

Mix de produse vs aliante strategice / impact in performanta si profitabilitate?

O sa discutam despre Strategia de Marketing a producatorului de ceasuri Tag Heuer si continuam cu procesele de inovatie Amazon Dash » “add items to your shopping list from anywhere in your home”.

O sa fac legatura intre consumator si producator prin LG Smart Refrigerator / Food Manager si o sa te invit la o calatorie spre Old Europe » Strategie Dezvoltare producatori autohtoni » Traditie + Inovatie (marketing NU tehnologie) vs eliminarea barierelor / intermediarilor.

De ce un producator de ceasuri investeste in tehnologie / telefon mobil?

Tag Heuer » Swiss Luxury Watches for Man & Women

“A revolutionary technology pioneers a new era in the mobile industry, pushing the limits of portable devices autonomy. For the first time, a communication instrument can maintain the charge level of its battery in standby mode. An invisible photovoltaic component is built into the sapphire crystal screen, which produces enough electricity under specific natural or artificial light source to charge the phone.

Available in a Limited Edition of 1911 pieces, the first TAG Heuer communication instrument entirely made of Titanium Grade 5, carbon and rubber, the new MERIDIIST INFINITE celebrates the first dashboard chronograph ‘Time of Trip’, designed for aircraft and automobiles and patented by TAG Heuer in 1911.

Faithful to its commitment to Avant-Garde, TAG Heuer has invented the first Perpetual Power Reserve.”

Ce se intampla cand o sa se implementeze in Romania?

Legatura intre consumator, producator & logistica?

Romania, Old Europe » Civilizatie & Cultura Cucuteni

Legatura intre consumator (european & roman) & producatorii autohtoni / Romania?

Enjoy the journey!

Civilizatie si Cultura Cucuteni

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@TAGHeuer 1911 vs #Old #Europe #Cucuteni? #Romania

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