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♦ positioning: pure vitality.
♦ brand equity: extended life.
♦ packaging design @ Lupu Andrew

The effects of water with colloidal gold:

♦ stimulates the life force of organisms.
♦ it is a vibration accelerator at all levels of the tissues.
♦ conductivity between the nerve endings and the surface of the brain.
♦ the balance and effect of harmonization at all levels of organization of the body.
♦ increase in the energy of the body, the will, and the concentration, mental capacity.
♦ acceleration of the process of regeneration.
♦ effectively contributes to the purification of toxins from the body.
♦ it has been proved the fact that it inhibits the process of cancer cells proliferation. The performed researches have revealed the fact that in case of advanced cancer form, which cannot be operated, administration of colloidal gold prolongs the life of people suffering from such incurable diseases, reducing the unbearable pain usually associated with such disease.

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reBranding D'ORA packaging design

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O sculptură nu se sfârşeşte niciodată, ci se continuă în cer, în piedestal – şi în pământ. Brâncuşi
Romania OLD Europe * 8500 years of continuity
[ GREEN FUTURE * holding de companii 100% românești ]
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-36 de miliarde de USD anual „Greaua moştenire“

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