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Un pahar cu whisky?

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Building and maintaining awareness

Brand Preference

Harvard Business Review: A “rise or fall together”

A practical overview

“The fundamental purpose of marketing is to acquire and retain customers.

It has been demonstrated that elevated brand awareness is the first step in that direction, regardless of industry or market.

Although boosting brand awareness is a complex matter, it’s possible to identify practical considerations that apply in any market or competitive situation.

Awareness is built from the outside-in; identify what matters to the target audience and craft your brand message and identity accordingly.

Internal considerations such as management perceptions, past budget allocations, and adherence to scientific and legal jargon are less important in the battle to win awareness. Increasing awareness from 20% to 40% boosts preference by 10%”

Penn State’s Institute for the Study of Business Markets

Brand Preference vs Brand Consideration?

2015? Romanian Sales Conference » 25.09.2014

Sunt curios, dupa materialul video de mai sus, care o sa fie decizia ta in aceasta seara? 😉

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