Personalized Energy


Unleashing Business Value
in a Digital World by Accenture

Energy providers around the globe are operating in a whole new world. Everything and everyone is increasingly connected. Energy consumers are embracing innovative technologies and taking on new roles as both buyers and sellers of energy. At the same time, a host of threats—from traditional competitors as well as new market entrants—are challenging utilities to become more innovative and more agile. In The New Energy Consumer: Unleashing Business Value in a Digital World by Accenture shares the latest results of our multiyear New Energy Consumer research program. Our finding sand analysis point to important shifts and highlight growing opportunities for forward-thinking energy providers. Above all,they reinforce the importance of the digitally engaged consumer and the need for energy providers to stake their claims in the digital energy ecosystem.

Electric ♦ G A S ♦ and water utilities are surrounded by change—from rapid advancements and widespread adoption of distributed generation and smart technologies to product innovation, game changing partnerships and converging markets.

Personalized ENERGY

Ease of access and energy self-sufficiency are becoming top of mind for consumers—opening opportunities but also posing threats for energy providers. Energy is reaching new levels of convenience for consumers and energy is becoming less centralized, with consumer stapping into non-traditional sources of energy. Evidence of personalized energy is everywhere—from the increasing consumer adoption of home generation solutions via solar panels and ♦ electric vehicles (EVs) ♦ combined with increasing battery storage to the emergence of micro grids.

Some refer to this as the democratization of energy and anticipate that, in the future, the majority of energy will be generated in the home with only back-up needs and large industrial power being produced centrally… Accenture TEAM.


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