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the SubCarpathians

🏛️ GETÆ 🏛️ my past and present define me as a Romanian. Even though I’m atypical in the way I’m saying it. My name says nothing, my papers do… And lately I’d wish my actions did. I have firs as cousins and spruces as brothers And people around the country call us the SubCarpathians.

I use the music as a shield. Earned after long years, not after a night out gambling. And I’m addressing in particular to the young people. It’s an identity crisis, a national phenomenon. In the background the same damaged record is playing. I want to do good for this entire world. And I don’t need any proof…

When I sing or listen to a ballad I know it’s the spark from the garbage. That will light up the faith that Romania starts from us And I don’t want to be your conscience. I just want you to learn from your mistakes, but wait… People will misunderstand me. Look at those tired Romanian faces. I have national spirit, but I’m not a fanatic. The folklore is oxygen for an asthmatic country… Open the gate to begin the journey… a journey in time, a story never told… ΛRC⊕DΛBΛRΛ:

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