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A W A K E Visual Awakening / Visual Exploration / Visual Strategy Fair / Visual Communication is the four step process of the Blue Ocean Strategy methodology.

Visual Awakening
Visual Exploration
Visual Strategy Fair
Visual Communication

1. Visual Awakening The Visual Awakening serves as a wake-up call for companies to challenge their existing strategy. A common mistake is to discuss changes in strategy before resolving differences of opinion about the current state of play. Another problem is that managers are often reluctant to accept the need for change. In the Visual Awakening stage drawing the PMS Map and “as is” strategy canvas brings home the need for change quickly and forcefully.

2. Visual Exploration During Visual Exploration, teams of managers go out into the field to explore the Six Paths Framework gathering noncustomer insights. Here they are looking to observe the distinct differences of alternative products and services to see which factors should be eliminated, reduced, raised, or created in the company’s offerings.

3. Visual Strategy Fair The penultimate step is the Visual Strategy Fair. Here teams begin to draw their “to be” strategy canvases based on insights from the Visual Awakening and Visual Exploration stages. The strategy fair invites senior corporate executives, external constituencies—the kinds of people met during the teamsʼ field work, including noncustomers and customers of competitors. The objective is for each team to present their various alternative strategy canvases and gain feedback to build the best possible “to be” future strategy canvas.

4. Visual Communication After a lot of work perfecting their “to be” strategy canvases, the last step is to communicate it in a way that can be easily understood by all employees. This step is called Visual Communication. This is executed principally by distributing a one-page picture showing the new and old strategic profiles on the strategy canvas so that every employee can see where the company stood and where it has to focus its efforts to create a compelling future.

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