24 iunie, “Ziua Universala a IEI”, o campanie pornita de { La Blouse Roumaine } » RomanIA mea… Nu suntem datori nimanui si n-am prigonit niciodata pe nimeni… Ovidiu Slatineanu » Cultura Cucuteni

People who inspire us… Ovidiu Slatineanu » RomanIA mea…

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Cucuteni, studiu de caz nonprofit:

Mostenire arheologica & culturala romaneasca? Daniel & Ovidiu!”

Adriana Pita, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communication, Banca Tiriac

Yvette Larsson, The Bucharest Lounge: “Why is history important?”

The people who inspire us, Ovidiu Slatineanu, The Bucharest Lounge

Ovidiu Slatineanu: “History provides us with information about how people lived in those days, so, we have the opportunity to compare where we (the world), did it wrong or good nowadays. I think it’s like a reminder. Hey! This is not your Planet! There was people before you and there will be people long after you ! So keep calm and study History!

How did your interest for history ignite? I don’t know if there is faith or a mistake, but my first visit at the Cucuteni Museum was life changing for me: like I was remembering my future. Just a simple visit at the museum. I was sent there by my Art teacher to deliver a book. I don’t know yet if I got to thank that man or hate him…”

What are the values of Romania, in your view?

Romania is, in my opinion, the new future trend in History and Tourism…

If you look out the window, today, 2014, what do you see?

I see a planet that is old enough and who deserves my respect. Everything is important.
We are everything.

“N-as putea niciodata vota ca RomanIA mea e jucaria ta… ”
Ovidiu Slatineanu » RomanIA mea:

* fara cuvinte…

Aceasta productie video saluta “Ziua Universala a IEI”, 24 iunie, o campanie { La Blouse Roumaine }

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ADN-ul National, mai mult decat un brand…
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