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The GETÆ are Hyperboreans descended from the giants or the old titans and with them the gods were born. This truth was also known in the first centuries A.D., proven by Cassius Dio in Roman History LXVII, 7, where, after the fighting at Tapae in 89 A.D., mato Diogio, as written in the lead plates (dubbed Decebalus by Cassius) who was the basileus of the ⚔️ GETÆ army ⚔️ was defeated by Tettius Iulianus. The Roman general takes the cognomen Hyperborean (victor Hiperboreo namen ab orbe tulit – being victorious, he took from the world the name of Hyperborean).

Witness to the events lived by Domitian, the poet Martial, in an epigram addressed to his friend who was part of the Roman army that was to wage battle with the fearless GETÆ, writes: “Soldier Marcellin, you set out to take upon your shoulders the Hyperborean sky and the stars of the Getic pole“.

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We have all the archaeology, anthropology, genetics, biology, linguistics, geology, folklore etc. to back that up. But it makes it even clearer since the historical documents go hand in hand with the multidisciplinary domains and the research which stands as proof.

Open the gates to begin the journey, Pelasgians, the incredible story of mankind, a journey in time 🇷🇴 a story never told 🇷🇴 8500 years of continuity 🇷🇴 ROMANIA OLD EUROPE NFT 🇷🇴 See the 🐉 NFT Dragons 🐉 and 🔥 come with US 🔥 in this incredible journey OLD EUROPE .PDF 🔥

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