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Carrefour route to market vs Kaufland or Lidl

6000 years ago

The older the better when it comes to wine, right? The Romanian Wine story starts 6,000 years ago. To this day, Romanian winemakers have been perfecting crafts and varieties into amazing wines that walk you through time. Romania has a winemaking tradition dating back 6000 years. The Romanian soil nurtures rare grape varieties and today is home to hundreds of vineyards and wineries, spread across 7 wine regions. Each wine region has its own particular traditions and unique flavors.

USA ad WINE Blue Ocean Strategy Romania is the 6th wine producer in Europe and the 12th worldwide, yet little known to wine lovers across the world. Open The Romanian Wine is a long term national program with the mission to support the Romanian wine industry and put Romanian wine on the world wine map.

The program’s wine experts travel the country and visit wineries, from the largest well known brands to small family businesses, in search of new wines to promote nationally. They taste and select the wines, then the program’s consultants support winemakers with branding, promotion and distribution efforts to successfully reach modern retail.

Since its beginning in 2019, over 200 labels joined the program, some new to retail, some sold exclusively in Carrefour nationwide and some award winning in international wine contests like International Wine Contest Bucharest, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, International Wine Challenge or Decanter World Wine Awards.

In 2021 Open The Romanian Wine brings Romanian wines to the American public. The first step in an ambitious plan to promote the unique wines and grape varieties of Romanian wine. In 2016 B2B Strategy bring to the american people OLD Europe concept 🇷🇴 the story of the first civilization of Europe 🇷🇴

2023 🇷🇴 After IMEX America Las Vegas and World Travel Market Londra in 2016 we are proud to see that the local hypermarket Carrefour go on our path and use 🇷🇴 Romanian Heritage 🇷🇴 in their USA route to market strategy. Also we search 4 partners in Romania to an exclusive event in 2023. We are located in Timisoara and Timisoara will became the Capital of Culture:

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