See 🇺🇸 the legend of Prometheus 🇬🇧 OLD EUROPE 🇷🇴

NEW Guinness World Record

@ Christian Gernemann

After participating in 2016 in the biggest tourism fairs in the world, IMEX America Las Vegas and World Travel Market London, in 2022, we bring the story of OLD EUROPE to the entire Germany with your and Christian help. The best 2022 NFT marketing strategy for your company! NFT / Non-Fungible Token, the first country in the world who is telling their story in nft’s communities! The record for the longest journey with an electric car in a single country – 26,856 kilometres is scored here in Romania in 2019.

Timisoara, a Capital of OLD EUROPE!

The Grand Tour 2022 Challenge is to create national and international interest for a local event, The European Capital of Culture 2023 in Timisoara, Romania, Old Europe. 2022 NEW Guinness World Record, 65000 kilometres in Germany @ Christian Gernemann.

See the manifest and let’s start together to promote TIMISOARA, a capital of culture, a capital of OLD Europe. Direct support: +40 738 546 837; / customized marketing strategy 4 your business:, 1000 ROI %.

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