* how to create 89,042 new jobs in ROMANIA * Blue Ocean Strategy

How Blue Ocean Strategy is Transforming Nations

ROMANIA Blue Ocean Strategy
Positioning & Brand Equity Route
* +36 USDbn / year

Doing more with less. It’s a challenge that not only businesses but also countries and their governments struggle with today. In August, 5,500 participants from over 45 countries, including heads of states, members of government, business leaders, and students met to discuss how the public sector can tackle this important question. Their answer ? Applying the blue ocean principles of high impact, low cost & rapid execution.

Old Europe Romania

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B2B vs B2C? Expertiză profesională fondator Agenţie B2B Strategy, Daniel Roşca, LinkedIn:

+40744336643 | letstalk@b2b-strategy.ro

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* how to create 89,042 new jobs

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