Marketing vs Vanzari? Gitomer & Connolly » The Battle for Your Mind?

“Why do businesses succeed or ‪fail‬? HINT: It’s not just sales… ”

Despre Vanzari & Marketing… !

Te invit sa-i cunosti pe Jim Connolly (Jim’s Marketing Blog) & Jeffrey Gitomer (Sales Blog » America’s #1 Sales Autority). O sa ai o idee diferita despre performanta dupa ce le analizezi blogurile…

Pozitionarile lor sunt clare… este insa extrem de interesanta comparatia celor doua abordari si punctul lor de vedere asupra profitabilitatii vazut din latura vanzarilor si diametral opus » Marketing.

Jeffrey Gitomer » Vanzari

“Unless you have sales, you have no business. Products and services that are understandable, have perceived value, have gained market acceptance, and are easy to purchase. Willingness to risk… Harmony within… Trying new things and new ways.”

Jim Connolly » Marketing

“… they (* Echipa de Marketing Apple) do this for a reason. They want you to focus on how thin it is, not how thick it is. So, they plant the word thin in your mind, when you think of their product.

Why would they do that? If thinness is a priority for you when you buy your next notebook, you will now have a mental connection between that priority and Apple’s MacBook Air product.”

Jim Connolly / Jim's Marketing Blog, Apple-Thinnovation

MacBook Air: Just 0.68 inch thin

Nu am ales intamplator din materialele lor aceste doua exemple… am vrut doar sa iti ofer un exemplu privit din doua parti diametral opuse… rezultatul?

Vanzari: “perceived value, market acceptance, easy to purchase… Harmony.”
Marketing: “when you buy, priority… focus.”

Au inversat rolurile? Eu cred ca nu, doar discuta ambele parti despre sinergie…

Are perfecta dreptate Jeffrey: “Why do businesses succeed or ‪fail‬? HINT: It’s not just sales… ”

Cum sunt armonizate rolurile in compania ta?

* performanta garantata contractual!

Daca astazi am discutat despre Vanzari & Marketing, saptamana trecuta in update-ul periodic despre Blue Ocean Strategy, joi o sa iti furnizez ultimele noutati din industria de (Re)Branding. Ne auzim joi!

Marketing vs Vanzari? -58% vs +65%… Sinergie?

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4P vs 5C » Ramai informat(a) » Diferentiaza-te… !

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