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Digital Era. Virtual Universe

3.0 Digital Era? Virtual Universe / World

“Are we there yet?”…“The Future of Augmented Reality”:

Cum ar fi daca in acest moment ai utiliza mediul online / digital la maximul capacitatii si ai ajunge la 20% / 30% din oportunitatile / dezvoltarea pe termen mediu?

Sursa video:

Suntem pregatiti in Romania pentru revolutia digitala?


Inovatie in Romania – Platforma LinkedIn

Update 03.07.2012: via Mashable – Augmented Reality Shopping Coming Soon

Augmented Reality Shopping Coming Soon

“IBM Research announced the prototype of a mobile app that can act as a personal shopping assistant in stores. The mobile app could be branded and provided by retailers. Consumers would download the app and then input products they’re shopping for and their selection criteria. For example, a shopper looking for breakfast cereal could specify a product that’s low in sugar, highly rated by consumers and on sale…”

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