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A strategic plan, a tactical operation created in advertising and marketing offices by highly specialized professionals, where a theme ‘viral’, slogans and advertisements are developed evaluating different scenarios, to achieve rapid response in regional markets and effective results in global operations… this is a ‘case’, as the advertising market says.

Above the Grey Men, above the left and right ideologies, above all the rulers, the Parasites rule. They establish the statutes by which lead soldiers move. They say when and where the threat of a simple flu virus (like that of other years) will determine that the world population will remain locked up at home for 3 months or when it will have to take the streets to claim a death that did not occur. They are the owners of the industries that manufacture the mandatory masks under the fallacy that they will protect from the ‘invisible’ disease of which there are only numbers in the headlines and the obligation of any death to be reported as a result of. The same masks that will serve to make a George Revolution – the next operation aimed at deepening the artificial crisis. Create the problem to sell the solution. Masks have always been used in rituals or ceremonies. They are a symbol of disguise, and served to hide the face for the practice of crimes and non-identification. Parasites shadow corporations control education, energy, water, fuels, medicine, industries, food distribution networks, agricultural industry seeds, rare minerals, forest reserves, the international financial system, stocks and inflation, the military and aerospace industry, the world time, health networks, transport, flight controls, communication, entertainment, furniture, clothing, cement, cameras, alarms, mercenaries, immigrants, intelligence services, your cell phone, everything. Unless you live like a hermit in the forest, hunting for your own food and weaving your own clothes, they own you.

After 3 months locked up at home, you no longer remember what life was like before. You just feels immense relief to go out to the streets to protest. Even if it is in the name of a false democracy and a staged death. But you are not aware of this, especially if you are young and give in to the Parasites traps.

ANTIFA’s domestic terrorism (riots) started in Minnesota through the ‘George Floyd protests’ false flag, later was neutralized by the National Guard in Minneapolis, spread to other states, was in London, Toronto, Paris, Amsterdam, Hong-Kong, São Paulo and Berlin and now reached all world, demonstrating the high level of articulation of the Parasites. Perhaps this is what masks are used for, ineffective and harmful to health, previously prohibited in political protests. It was the obligation to wear masks that puzzled me most about this flu epidemic. Masks will now return to their former status: an excellent ally for thefts, looting, fires, and to destroy lives at random or other crimes. Coronavirus related social engineering as a threat and source of fear was showing signs of cooling, had lost its initial appeal. Now the most radical plan of anarchist groups financed by tycoons like Soros comes into play. They intend to ruin further the economy and small businesses and prevent the reelection of those who do not kneel to their power. Anyone who does not understand the Parasite agenda will continue to believe that people are fighting for life or for democracy – the latter an empty word in the name of which everything is allowed. If the population knew who is maneuvering behind the curtains, they might revise their views. I said maybe. For about 70 years, ignorance through education, the media and now social media has been very well cultivated by the Parasites and is the most effective weapon to numb and neutralize the public.

I think the Parasites were wrong to turn so quickly the page on the epidemic and replace it with riots. The epidemic’s scam took everyone by surprise and was very well orchestrated by international organizations that pretend to take care of our health, by airlines, by governments and by the media. The fear of an unknown virus, the prospect of death and the possibility of vacationing with the family successfully reached 99.999% of the population. However, men in black masks looting, breaking glass and setting cars and shops on fire are nothing new. We’ve already seen this movie. Riots are the violent face of the colour revolutions financed by Soros through the hundreds of NGOs hanging from the umbrella of his organization Open Society. The last one happened in Hong Kong. On the other hand, since there are no more wars to be fought outside the United States, perhaps the current administration has decided that a show of strength can contribute positively to its reelection agenda. We will never know – since we are not members of their club. What is certain is that this epidemic and the protests are a scam to distance us from what it was like to live before the coronavirus and what it will be like afterwards. Passports with digital certificates of health and vaccination may be required in the near future at all airports in the world. The quarantine served as a test for all big companies to develop their delivery services, represented the massive acquisition of home appliances, can boost the use of drones for home delivery in the near future, quickly implemented the improvement of digital platforms for everything. Above all it, universalized the use of virtual money. The whole system has been successfully checked and almost everything will be wiped out for corporations to maximize their profits. Absurd rules to enforce ‘social distant’ will be implemented. A minimum income will close the mouth of the hungry population, deepening dependency. The Big Brother will proceed to watch people in their prison cages as in the ‘1984’ and ‘We’ books, there will be new villains for the population to have their hateful minutes in front of the TV and life will continue but nobody cares. State of emergency, mandatory curfews, military on the streets. Covid-19 epidemic scam is formally over. The uprising, the new stage of the disease, has already begun. The ties will begin to be tightened. Somehow this reminds me of the beginning of the Russian Revolution (1917).

George Soros is the false name of someone specialized in destroying the past. In his memory was created the present chaos. The George Revolution aims to make former first lady Michel the next occupant of the American presidential seat. A dystopia. The hypothetical George Floyd is like Schrodinger’s cat. He can be either dead or alive, it depends on who tells the story. Agents serving the Parasites spread the news that George Floyd had known for 17 years the policeman who put his knee on his neck while keeping his hands in his pocket. Controlled opposition ensures that Floyd is alive. Other parasitic agents ignite racial warfare and instruct bio robots to lie on the floor of the capitals and shout “I can not breathe” …

A false epidemic where it is necessary to wear masks, the mass sale of respirators, an ‘invisible’ virus that would attack the airways, the image of a black man that a white man does not allow to breathe in a Minneapolis street, crowds shouting that they won’t they can breathe in Paris or Berlin… this is a ‘case’, as the advertising market says.

A strategic plan, a tactical operation created in advertising and marketing offices by highly specialized professionals, where a theme ‘viral’, slogans and advertisements are developed evaluating different scenarios, to achieve rapid response in regional markets and effective results in global operations. Like the “Je Suis Charlie” operation and other colour revolutions to disrupt and destabilize the economy.

George Soros and George Floyd may be alive or dead. George Soros may have simply embarked for Mars or been frozen. But the global revolution created in his name and with his name may take time to pass. It is necessary to keep the population distracted by false viruses, protests and elections while the real revolution is taking place upstairs in the Olympo. The seventh floor. One to which ordinary mortals will never have access and where the current world is designed. We are participant of a global theatrical show. They are making the worldwide population kneel to their power. A disaster is in progress… According to Wikipedia, the word tycoon is derived from the Japanese word taikun (大君), which means ‘great lord’. Copyright Marcia Ramalho, The Blue, 2020. Foto © Fallen angels Vinča – Turdaş & Hamangia.

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