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The future of mobility … Rolls Royce

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Mini vs Rolls Royce ?

MINI’s design team, tackling the future of mobility

The first discussion was centered on how we are going to be living in the urban areas and what is going to be the space available to us. we came to this very MINI typical notion of small footprints. An over-sized length car for MINI would not have been the right way to go. Quite on contrary, a clever use of space and a small footprint was. Saying that, we actually added more width to the car because in most cities, the width of the road lanes are wide enough for this to fit.

We can use more space was the first premise. The second thing was the artificial intelligence. The car knows me, it recognizes me, it helps me, it suggests things to me, and it becomes an integral part of my life – that is very important.

MINI, future mobility

Connected Vehicle

There is enormous potential to improve safety by wirelessly connecting vehicles to each other (V2V) and to the infrastructure around them (V2I). Short range and cellular radios, combined with accurate positioning data, will dramatically reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

This is achieved through advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that include the provision of better driver information. Drivers will be able to “see” beyond the vehicles directly in front of them to better anticipate conditions on the road ahead, whether in daylight or at night. Some ADAS features will enforce better driving with functions such as automatic braking and lane control.

The driving experience is becoming … ever more convenient. The integration of Wi-Fi, cellular and GNSS technologies enables the navigation system to more accurately determine its position. With advanced dead reckoning technologies this is even achieved in built-up areas or in car parks where satellite reception may be poor or completely blocked. What’s more, services are emerging that enable drivers to pay for parking, road tolls, fuel and other incidental charges through V2I wireless connectivity, saving a great deal of time and effort.

In-car entertainment is transforming with the rollout of always-on, low-latency 4G connectivity. Passengers can enjoy all of the online services they experience at home, from HD video streaming to peerto-peer gaming. In fact, some 4G implementations may permit simultaneous streaming of up to eight HD video channels.

Only in recent years have we been able to enjoy that level of bandwidth in our homes. Wi-Fi is used to stream signals around the car, while the different flavors of Bluetooth can be used for high quality stereo sound transmission and reception, or for remotely controlling entertainment from smartphones and other mobile devices. Social media integration also opens up a multitude of interesting possibilities and potentially disruptive business models.

These range from the delivery of location-aware advertising by local businesses to enabling automatic check-in as you approach your hotel. The more “the system” knows about the individual’s personal profile, the more tailored these messages and services may become … citeşte mai departe u-blox magazine.

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