“The aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary.” Peter Drucker

“Positioning is what you do to with the mind of the prospect.” Jack Trout

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Brasov, Don’t compete… !

Forum Dezvoltare Afaceri, Brasov 2014 | Despre Vanzari in Recesiune from Daniel Rosca

Vanzari vs Marketing in Recesiune?

* doua minute despre ADN-ul nostru… !

“If we learn from losing, we become winners in the end” Anonymous

Ovidiu, Laurentiu, Catalin… felicitari! A fost extrem de interesant!

Tweet: “#Brasov, Don’t compete with rivals; Make them irrelevant! #BlueOceanStrategy”

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B2B vs B2C? Expertiza profesionala fondator Agentie B2B Strategy, Daniel Rosca, LI:

+40744336643 | roscadaniel@gmail.com | office@b2b-strategy.ro


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  1. ActiveNews says:

    Cred ca a fost un eveniment extrem de reusit!

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“Everyone lives by selling something” R. Stevenson

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