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Julius Caesar brought to life using AI technology

⚔️ our skilful ancestors ⚔️

🇬🇧 The Barbarians 🇺🇸 Get = Earthly, greedy (living), where Earth = Geea / Gaia (Geb / Gebeleizis), just as peasant = man of the earth or man of the earth. ‘Pagan’ comes from lat. Paganus (which is false, since it is exactly the opposite), where paganus = peasant. Over time, the word ‘pagan’ received a negative connotation, just as it received the word ‘barbarian’, but we know that in reality, barbarian = bearded, wise and by no means primitive!

Let’s bring to life some historical sculptures and statues today by colorizing them and using modern technology with artificial intelligence to animate them. You’re going to love this. Prior to 19th century there was no photography and the only way to reimagine our favourite historical characters of those times is by looking at the sculptures and paintings left to us by our skilful ancestors. In particular the ancient Greek and Roman cultures have left us a myriad of realistic statues and sculptures that we can use today, to reimagine what early historical figures might have looked like in real life.

🏛️ Julius Caesar 🏛️

In light of this, I have selected few statues for this video, to see if we can breathe some life into them by applying today’s modern technology involving AI stuff and facial reconstruction. Please check the video to see statues and sculptures brought to life using modern technology and artificial intelligence. Featured in this video: Julius Caesar, Agrippina The Elder, Antinous, Livia Drusilla, Julia Titi Flavia, Gordian III, Poppaea Augusta Sabina and Pompeia Plotina.

the ULTIMATE Storytelling 🏛️ Game of Thrones 🏛️
360 ° The WISE Barbarians 🇺🇸 The bearded ones

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