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The Future of Energy

Governments are giving this transition a boost. In order to usher in a new age of electricity, the heads of the G7 countries declared at their 2015 summit in Elmau, Germany, that they would completely decarbonize their economies by dispensing with fossil fuels by 2100 and using electricity as a universal source of energy.

The Global Footprint Network is a renowned think tank that addresses the challenges facing a resource-scarce world. It recently pointed out that mankind is already consuming 50 percent more resources than the earth can supply … At the same time, the high level of CO2 emissions is causing the global temperature to slowly, but steadily rise … Toward a New Relationship with Electricity @ Siemens

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Copilul tău trebuie să viseze … 8500 de ani de continuitate ...

Vitalitate din natură
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Searching for Romania’s Legacy …
Managementul destinaţiilor online şi offline @ ANT
Old Europe
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