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The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), expanding at a dizzying pace, has literally revolutionized the concepts of the future car. No longer solely a mode of transport, it is gradually evolving into a highly intelligent computerized device. And it wouldn’t exist without reliable, robust and secure wireless connectivity and satellite based positioning. In other words, the car of the 21st century is connected, and on a tremendous scale. A cloud-connected car reinvents traditional mobility patterns and expands the driver’s experience in ways never seen before. Supported by an intelligent infrastructure via Vehicle to Everything (V2X) wireless technology, it can reduce the number of traffic-related accidents …

By 2020 consumers will be buying cars that drive themselves, starting on highways. Safe and convenient autonomous driving will transform mobility:


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Analizăm în acest moment intrarea pe piaţă
a unui distribuitor de componente electronice
care acoperă o gamă extrem de variată de aplicaţii.

În această direcţie te invităm la o discuţie
despre impactul tehnologiei în afacerea ta.

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