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Don’t Compete with Rivals; Make Them Irrelevant!

Four Trends that Make
Blue Ocean Strategy

What increasingly demanding
consumers mean for organizations

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YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, smart phones. Can’t imagine your life without these. Right? Yet, none of these existed just a stone’s throw back.

In the past decade, the world has changed in significant ways, with dramatic shifts in almost everything we do. These shifts have profound implications on the world of strategy. Whether organizations operate in the private sector, the public sector, or the non-profit sector and whether they are based in America, Europe, Asia or any place else on earth, there is a growing challenge to rethink the strategies driving our organizations. There is a rising need for organizations of every stripe to simultaneously pursue differentiation to stand out in the market and low cost in what they do. That’s what we call ‘value innovation,’ the cornerstone of blue ocean strategy:

Here are four trends that make creating blue oceans
that much more relevant and important to you:

Trend 1: A rising call for creative new solutions.
Trend 2: The rising influence and use of public megaphones.
Trend 3: A locational shift in future demand and growth.
Trend 4: The rising speed and easiness of becoming a global player.

Today both the challenges and opportunities we all face are great. These four trends, however, need not be deadly. They can be a huge opportunity for those who don’t ask “should we?” but ask “how can we?” create blue oceans. Strategy after all is not just for business. It is for everyone—the arts, nonprofits, the public sector, even countries. One thing is clear: the world needs blue oceans.

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