Don’t Compete with Rivals; Make Them Irrelevant!

Inside the mind of consumers

2018 Marketing
Budget Optimisation
Inside Consumers Mind

A 360 ° analysis: internal employees, clients, influencers and prospects.
The final challenge: connecting brand attributes with the mind of consumers.

* a month of consultancy, 3 consultants / 100% ROI
* more than 6 years in the same team structure

Project stages

A. Inside the Minds of Consumers / Brand Perception SWOT
B. Brand Attributes / Defining Strategy
B.1 Positioning Development / ReBranding / Brand re-fresh
B.2 Strategy Implementation: Concept development for annual’s campaign brand awareness / perception
B.3 Strategy Implementation Support

100% customizable approach. Let’s talk about price quotation, stages and of course your business, your team and your challenge:

Campanie optimizare buget marketing 2018 B2B Strategy. Blog

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Don’t Compete with Rivals;
Make Them Irrelevant!
Inside #themind of
consumers #SWOT

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