ROMANIA * 8500 years of continuity

Your out of the box choice for 2017 … ROMANIA

The story of
a family business
and its innovations

We, Gabriela and Andrei *, – mother and son – represent the past and the future of our company’s role in the MICE Industry in Romania. The last 15 years have walked us through the ups and downs of the industry, and our unlimited passion is what makes our family business a successful one!

Andrei Toderas si Gabriela Petcana Ultramarin

The problem we think Romania faces is the lack of awareness regarding the possibilities that the diversity our country has to offer.

It’s a modern country with all the amenities you would expect in the 21st century. Ultravoyage DMC’s vision is to educate the market and to improve the image of Romania worldwide.

We fight to overcome the barriers by being present online on social media & blogs and offline by participating in numerous trade shows around the world (USA, UAE, UK, DE, ES, etc).

Romania is one of the safest countries and, due to our geo-political context it has one of the best settings for the MICE Industry.

Romanians have come a long way in the last two decades since communism fell. Romania has a rich and diverse culture that goes back thousands of years, therefore our country is proud of many heritage sites protected by UNESCO.

Romania truly is a European hidden gem and it is great to visit throughout the year. From the largest European virgin forests of the Carpathian mountains, to the beautiful Natural Reserve Biosphere of The Danube Delta, not to forget the vibrant beach resorts around the Black Sea.

It has so many unexplored attractions:

  1. Three clay tablets, dating from 5300 BC, discovered in the village of Tartaria (central Romania), have been the subject of considerable controversy among archaeologists, some of whom claim that the symbols represent the earliest known written evidence in the world …

Here are a few interesting facts
* + 8 reasons to choose Romania
… as a destination in 2017

Tourism in Romania Old Europe

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