79% din angajatii tai nu sunt implicati… ! * Gallup. HR Strategic?

Despre cultura organizationala…

It’s Not HR’s Job to Be Strategic

Dentist, Medic? De ce nu ai viata personala?

HR often centralizes talent acquisition in order to minimize costs, and that’s short-sighted. Saving a few hundred dollars per hire may seem like a quick win, but a bad hire can cost more than $50,000.

“Human-capital issues are top-of-mind for CEOs around the world — but their regard for the HR function remains perilously low: In a PwC study, only 34% said that HR is well prepared to capitalize on transformational trends (compared with 56% for finance).

Strategie Resurse Umane 2015?

* despre impactul procesului de Marketing Strategic in cultura organizationala:

* daca tot discutam despre IT & cultura organizationala:

Sadly, chief executives aren’t the only ones with this negative perception. It’s pervasive in organizations — and to make matters worse, HR practitioners have inadvertently played into it. In its “State of Human Capital” report, McKinsey found that people in HR still largely have “a support-function mindset, a low tolerance for risk, and a limited sense of strategic ‘authorship’” — all of which has led to “low status among executive peers, no budget for innovation, and a ‘zero-defects’ mentality.”

Cultura organizationala? Un exemplu reusit, felicitari APT!

Accident naval?
Cat costa un petrolier?

* asigurari de viata, timpul de inactivitate… !

Why you buy it hr

Totul este Marketing!

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