Erori in Marketing? Dracula, intre mit si realitate… !

Tesco’s ‘penis’-themed buttermilk… despre erori in marketing:

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“Someone in the marketing department has some serious issues they need to work through… “

Erori in Marketing, Tesco

Despre erori in marketing…

Dupa ce am analizat saptamana trecuta cele mai mari erori din procesul de vanzari & principalul diferentiator al top managementului, o evolutie normala este sa trecem spre brand equity.

Ne ajuta Tesco, Pepsi, Airbnb… enjoy!

8 of the Biggest Marketing Faux Pas of All Time… HubSpot

Turner Broadcasting

“In 2007, Cartoon Network launched a guerilla marketing campaign in which they set up LED signs in various places throughout cities to promote one of their cartoons. A resident in Boston, however, thought the devices were bombs and called the police. This turned into a terrorism scare, resulting in the shut-down of many public transportation lines, bridges, and roads. The problem cost the head of Cartoon Network his job, and the broadcasting company $2 million in compensation for the emergency response team… ”

Pepsi Expands to China:

Pepsi China

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